What we do?

CHEMLEX is a company that provides advice, support and experience. We analyze changes in trends on the global market on an ongoing basis, guaranteeing the innovation of our solutions.

Our services are dedicated to all market participants associated with chemical substances.

Detailed offer:

  1. CHEMLEX offers support in launching a new product into the Polish and European market,
  2. CHEMLEX perform a product audit,
  3. CHEMLEX develop and verify technical documentation including e.g. safety data sheet, labels as required,
  4. CHEMLEX carries out analyzes of the legislative environment, which aim is to improve results in the whole value chain,
  5. CHEMLEX offers support in creating the company’s strategy, we make analyzes of competitive advantages on the domestic and global market,
  6. CHEMLEX makes an impact assessment of the regulation, which results in a recommendation in the field of product transformation, analysis of competitive advantages on the domestic and global market.
  7. CHEMLEX provides consultancy service in the scope of meeting the requirements:
  • REACH regulation,
  • CLP regulation,
  • fertilizer regulations,
  • plant protection products,
  • by-products,
  • RoHS directive,
  • toy directive,
  • regulation on explosives precursors,
  • regulation on cosmetics,
  • regulation on detergents,
  • regulation on paint and varnish (Volatile Organic Compounds VOC),
  • regulation on aerosols,
  • strategy for plastics,
  • tire regulation,
  • regulations on the nanomaterials,
  • regulation on endocrine disruptors,
  • regulations resulting from international legally binding agreements including:
    • persistent organic pollutants – the Stockholm Convention
    • prior informed consent procedure for certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides in international trade – the Rotterdam Convention
    • the control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal – the Basel Convention
    • adverse effects of mercury –the Minamata Convention

8. CHEMLEX provides assistance in the interpretation of regulations concerning the above regulations and monitor and inform about changes in legislation,

9. CHEMLEX provides opinions, analyzes, expert reports and reports on the placing on the market of substances or products listed in the above regulations,

10.CHEMLEX organizes closed and open trainings tailored to the client’s needs, and organizes industry conferences and workshops.