1. We make pre-registration and final registration in accordance with REACH. If it is necessary to register a substance or mixture in accordance with REACH. We prepare the necessary registration dossiers, including e.g.
    • ordering the necessary registration tests for a substance or mixture,
    • assistance in contact with consortia and the possible acquisition of the so-called letter of access from the lead registrant,
    • preparation, processing and submission of documents also in IUCLID6 format ,
    • submission of documentation to the European Chemicals Agency,
  2. Performance of a product audit, which consists in the assessment of components for the lack of need for registration or possible exemptions in accordance with REACH;
  3. Updating dossiers for a substance or mixture that has already been registered;
  4. We prepare a dossier with an application for authorization for specific uses in the case of substances or mixtures included in Annex XIV of REACH;
  5. We prepare Safety Data Sheets compliant with REACH requirements, we offer assistance in generating the Unique Formula Identifier (UFI cod) and reporting information on mixtures to the Poison Centers Notification (PCN);
  6. Transfer of REACH registration to REACH UK. This treatment is necessary to import products into the UK market after BREXIT.