CLP regulation, Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

A safety data sheet is a collection of information prepared for the correct and safe handling of chemicals. The safety data sheet makes possible to assess all risks to the health and safety of workers resulting from the use of chemicals.

The safety data sheet is prepared on the basis of the provisions resulting from the REACH regulation. The tool for the correct development of the safety data sheet is CLP, i.e. the regulation containing the criteria for classifying chemical substances and mixtures in terms of their hazards, both for human health and the environment. CLP contains hazard communication rules that include labeling requirements (e.g. pictograms).

  1. We prepare safety data sheets together with CLP classification and labeling based on the data provided, e.g.
    • based on a recipe (TDS technical sheet),
    • original safety data sheet in any foreign language. We adapt the safety data sheet to the specific regulations in force in the European Union,
    • safety data sheets for individual components of the mixture,
    • other source materials.

NOTE: Entrepreneurs and suppliers of chemical products to other European Union countries are required to provide safety data sheets and labels in the clients language.

  1. We offer assistance in generating the Unique Formula Identifier (UFI cod) when required.
  2. We report information on mixtures to Poison Centers Notification (PCN) when this information is required.
  3. We update and assess the possessed safety data sheets in terms of their compliance with the current regulations, together with recommendations for the required changes.
  4. It should be remembered that the change of the CLP classification of a chemical substance usually requires a change of the provisions on the product label or in the accompanying documentation (if there is no label). Entrepreneurs are obliged to correctly label the product before it is placed on the market.

We offer the development of the content of labels taking into account their specificity for products specified in the areas of our activity or an analysis of the correctness of the content of existing labels.