As of July 16, 2022, it will be possible to sell CE marked fertilizers (Fr. Conformité Européenne) on the European market. CE marking will be possible for mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers, organo-mineral fertilizers, liming  materials, soil improvers, growing media, inhibitors, fertilizer mixtures and biostimulants. The CE mark will allow the free circulation of products in the European Union without additional permits. For example, for organic fertilizers, obtaining the CE mark may turn out to be a cheaper solution than national registration. Until now, only mineral fertilizers could have the EU label, the so-called “EC FERTILIZER”, which allowed free trade within the European Union. After July 16, 2022, it will no longer be possible to place fertilizers labeled as “EC FERTILIZER” on the market.

What the new fertilization regulations mean for producers:

– the need for a review for products that have so far been marketed as “EC FERTILIZERS”. “EC FERTILIZERS” do not automatically become “CE”, for some products “there is not enough market space”. In order for products previously labeled “EC FERTILIZER” to continue to be sold, a national registration may be necessary to prevent market loss.

– new regulations may be an opportunity for producers who have so far limited themselves only to the domestic market (e.g. soil improvers, organic, organo-mineral fertilizers, biostimulants). The transition to CE marking can be an opportunity to expand your business into the EU market. Some products marked as “CE” may be sold in the European Union without obtaining additional permits.

– national registration in any of the Member States gives the manufacturer the choice of either staying with such registration or applying the CE marking. Staying with national legislation results in the fact that products can only be sold in a given country, or possibly apply the principle of mutual recognition if it is possible. CE marking allows for sale in all European Union countries without the need to obtain additional permits.

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